I started enjoying taking and making photographs during my A-Levels, I became obsessed with making prints in the black and white darkroom, I enjoyed the whole process but it was something about seeing the image come through in the developer that excited me. I went on to study Photography at The University College for Creative Arts, here I got further knowledge of the history of art and photography, it was here I began to understand what a photograph could be, what it could mean and represent as well as what it could never be. During my time at university I also began to look further afield from just artists to philosophers which inspired a lot of my written and practical work. It was this exploration that inspired me to experiment with photography a lot more, to try things out and to push an idea as far as possible.

As of Summer 2010, I'm a full-time photographer at Hungry Tiger studios in Fulham, London. Here I've had the opportunity to work with some big fashion brands and really refine the technical side of my photography. I still test and produce my own work and having the use of the studio outside hours is really what makes that possible.

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